10 Reasons Why Having Bright Wall Colors

10 Reasons Why Having Bright Wall Colors

10 Reasons Why Having Bright Wall Colors are Good For Your Home

Not all of us are comfortable with the thought of painting our walls with electric blue, celadon green or bubblegum pink. Nonetheless, there is nothing to be scared of it. Here are 10 Reasons Why Having Bright Wall Colors are Good For Your Home

1) Bright walls make a visual impact

As a homeowner who values the minimalist approach and wants to stay true to it, the colored walls are perfect the way they are. Regardless of what color you choose, it instantly transforms the room. And the best part is painting the walls in an inexpensive way of adding deep visual interest in the scene.

10 Reasons Why Having Bright Wall Colors are Good For Your Home

white colour gives an airy & luxurious feel.

2) Bright walls enhance the home’s appearance

One of the best ways to make your home shine is through painting the walls with “unexpected” colors. Such colors are dubbed as instant updates to any room. Aside from that, brightly colored homes look like they’ve been cared for really well.

3) Bright walls enhance the dwellers’ mood

Done right, a home with rich-colored walls that are not too loud or too busy can actually improve the mood of the dwellers. These walls can make the home feel energized, lively and regal.

4) Bright walls are the perfect backdrop

For homeowners who have a collection of artwork, a bright wall is all they need to display those prominently. The colored will not compete with what they are trying to display. In fact, the contrast of colors may even highlight the masterpiece.

5) Bright walls complete a space

In interior designing, the ceiling, walls, door, and windows are the typical starting points. There are instances, however, when you need to treat the walls as your finishing touches. Whichever route you take, know that the wall’s colors can enhance the scheme by becoming its focal point.

6) Bright walls create an atmosphere

Needless to say, the walls is the perfect venue to have fun with colors. In fact, brightly-colored walls have the effects that no flat, white-painted walls don’t. Likewise, the wall colors can create an illusion of infinite width.

7) Bright walls are stimulating

Although this depends on your chosen wall colors, the colors themselves can stimulate the senses. Each color has its own wavelength, but red and yellow have the longest and thus, the most stimulating colors. Combined, these colors can be very powerful, evoking a friendly and warm environment.

8) Bright walls add character

A single wall painted with intense colors is a bold statement in itself. The onlookers will pay special attention to the hues used and how it complements the accents in the room and not the other way around.

9) Bright walls add drama

If you want to achieve a dramatic look, you may use a single hue and its shades together, the strongest shade of which is that of the wall’s paint. While you are aiming at a single-hue look, the shades you’ll use in the same space will easily communicate with one another. The effect will be so bold yet striking enough to start a conversation.

10) Bright walls add elegance

Glowing colors are extremely interesting whether single hues are used or these are combined with other strong colors or that of the exact opposite position on the color wheel. These bold colors add modern yet effortless sophistication.

Painting your walls with intense colors has several benefits, too. However, this requires thoughtful consideration and careful planning. Perhaps, you have to trust your guts with this one. If it feels right, then proceed; if not, look for another solution.

Bright walls add elegance

Bright walls add elegance

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