Modern Interior Bedroom Designs


Contrasting colours add a masculine style to your bedroom. The appearance of a colour changes when surrounded by another colour. Two tone walls makes the room cozier & two tone walls are best suited with dark furniture. False ceiling (gypsum ceiling) will improve the aesthetic appearance and can be very useful for fixing lights.


Dark wood furnishes are better suited with contrasting theme. Nightstands,  Dressers + Chest, Armoires, Bedroom Vanities & high Headboards will give you a cozy feel.


Adaptive lighting  is the new technology which lights up according to your moods. Lit up perimeter of ceiling gives a floating effect. Soft lavender lights gives a crisp look & hanging rope lights will be an add-on to the theme. Dimmers are commonly used to generate a relaxed feel. Basic lighting is compulsory for reading.


Light coloured soft fabrics goes well with the theme & comfortable as well. Curtains will give a comfy feel.


Paintings, Photography, Drawings, Ceramic art, Glassware etc. Faux paintings & Wallpapers are the most popular.

Practical & affordable modifications that makes your bedroom luxurious

contrasting theme 2 contrasting theme

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