How to overcome job rejection

Its not the end of the world so pick yourself up and move on

Job rejection

Pick up & move on

Job hunting can be an exhaustive experience, especially when there are many people competing for the same position. Searching for a job doesn’t only mean having the right qualification, a professional CV, and the strongest interview skills. It also means being able to out perform other candidates, who may appear to be more qualified than you at least on paper. Job rejection can happen to anyone and the average job seekers will probably receive more rejections. A few things that you should remember as these tips can help you stay positive and motivated and move past a rejection letter.

Don’t take it personally

You might have performed excellently during the interview but there are other factors that influence the hiring decision. No matter how skilled and educated you are, you will sometimes get rejected based on salary demand, experience. So don’t take it personally. You did your best trust yourself and your qualifications & don’t give up.

Ask for feedback

When responding to a job rejection letter ask the employer for a more detailed feedback about your interview. This can help you to improve for the next time. A rejection  is simply a learning lesson. Know what you did right & where you fell short. Learn from your experience & enhance your performance. Practice in front of your friends to get comfortable & confident.

Never stop learning

Even if you’re unemployed & searching for a job you must try to update your experience & skill. If you’re just graduated then look for internship in big companies. Write a letter asking for an internship or training course, this will keep you professionally update & boost your confidence. Keep yourself motivated and developing as a person not stuck in the same place. Try to keep in touch with people in the same profession. you could get something to talk for the next interview.

Keep a positive attitude

Always approach new job opportunities with a positive attitude. Don’t keep on thinking about your past rejection. Before heading for a new interview try to tailor your CV to best suit for the position you’re applying. Do a full research on the company & always keep a fresh approach. keep your eyes on the career goals. There are plenty of opportunities for you to pursue. Start your search again, there are millions of job available.  You just have to keep the momentum & you will find the job. Remember the story of king Bruce and the spider, Even the king failed several times!!!


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